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About Iwakuni

Iwakuni flourished as a castle town.

Kintai bridge

Kintai bridge is a wooden structure with five spans that was originarry built in 1673 without the use of any nails.
The present structure built in 2004 is an exact replica of the original.
For 3months beginning june 1st, cormorant fishing is enjoyed at the kintai bridge.
and the annual Kintai bridge festival is held in late April.

Kikkoh park

park is located next to Kintai bridge amid the ruins of the former samurai residences.
At this site some 3000 cherry trees bloom every year.

Iwakuni castle

It built by feudal load Hiroie Kikkawa in 1600.
Iwakuni castle is unique in Japan. because it was built in the south european style.
On a clear day it offers good views of the Inland sea.


Take the JR train(Sanyo line-south bound)from Hiroshima about 45minutes,
and take the bus for Kintai bridge(about 20 minutes).

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